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Meet Bob....a mini-bio just 1 page in .pdf format

Fundraising--our business:

Fundraising for schools, student clubs, bands, choirs, daycares, scouts, YMCA's, service clubs, youth sports, and churches   This is our main product web page.

Worried that gas prices will keep people from buying your fundraising products?  People WILL buy food items, such as pizzas, cookie dough, eclairs, cheesecakes, and strudels.  Check out our frozen items.... just go to our fundraising site.  Other things that are selling well in today's economy are flower bulbs, flags, and our all-$5 program from Pine River.

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Sample parent letter for a cookie dough sale.  This one is for a daycare center, but we can customize your letter and even include a prize program if you wish.  This is a .pdf file that will open in Acrobat Reader.

Sample parent letter for a brochure sale.  This one is for a large elementary school.  Your prize program may differ from the one shown. This is a fairly large .pdf file that will open in Acrobat Reader

Pine Valley cookie dough shipping guidelines.


Pennies to Dollars pricing information... all the details on how the program works.

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Sales tax regulations for fundraising sales. This site includes all states.  Note:  internet sales to groups do not require collection of sales tax by the fundraising company. 

The Fundraising Edge from AFRDS... the association of fundraising distributors and suppliers is a great resource.  We have been a member of this association from just about the beginning.  When you click on the link, you'll get the home page of AFRDS where you can click on the button for "Fundraising Edge" or one of the other great links on this site.

A letter from the tax commissioner to State Senator Hanger clarifying the current status of fundraising taxation in Virginia schools.

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Bob's hobby is directing Staunton's Stonewall Brigade Band.  He has been a member since 1958 and director since 1975.
This is the oldest continuous municipally-sponsored band in the nation and is continuous since 1855. 
Here are a number of links about the band.

Stonewall Brigade Band Main Page... history, general information ,program schedule, and guest book.

Other interesting stuff:

Rotary International --- Bob is a member of the Staunton-Augusta Club and we present "Jazz in the Park" in July and August every year.  This is located in the same bandstand where the Stonewall Brigade Band concerts are held, except Jazz is on Thursdays.  You'll find the Rotary 4-way test at the bottom of every email you get from Bob.

Staunton-Augusta Rotary's web site.   Bob was President from July 1 2007 through June 30 2008

Bob is a musician, and his main instrument is the pipe organ--For 10 years he has practiced on a 48-year old Allen C-1 Electronic organ in his dining room. That instrument has gone to South Carolina as an "emergency loaner" instrument through the American Guild of Organists chapter there. His new instrument is a 1997 era Rodgers model 530 instrument that features true pipe sounds digitally sampled in stereo--2 manuals and pedal (AGO) 27 stops.

Bob substitutes as an organist in local churches.  If you are within 30-50 miles of Staunton and need a substitute organist for a traditional service (Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Brethren, Episcopal, etc.) or need a supply organist for vacation relief, organist's illness, etc. you can click here to see my Organ Substituting Calendar on the internet.  If there's nothing on a given date, then I am free on that date and may just be able and willing to help you out. I also do weddings, but usually the church organist has first rights to weddings.  I also may be able to do a funeral if you do not have an organist available.  Please call me at 540-885-3037 (home) or 540-294-9791 (mobile) to arrange to have me provide organ music for your service, or email me at  bob (at) bobmoody (dot) org.... please put in the @ and the . in the right places. We can discuss fees, but in general services without an anthem or rehearsal are generally $100 TO $250 depending on the size of the church and the travel distance.  Add $50 for an anthem or soloist .  Rehearsals are generally $50. Weddings are $250 without a soloist or instrumentalist to accompany, $50 extra for vocalist or instrumentalist to accompany, with $50 extra for wedding rehearsal and $25 extra for rehearsing with a soloist.  Locations outside Augusta County incur mileage (at the IRS business rate) both ways each for the wedding, the wedding rehearsal, and one trip to visit and practice on the organ on my own time, plus travel for rehearsing with a soloist if needed at a different time.

A Chart showing why your church should have a tracker action pipe organ.  This was prepared in 1997 as part of the search for a new organ to replace an aging (then 28 year old) Rodgers electronic for which some parts and repair support were no longer available. Some of the information on the chart is now outdated, but the general principles still apply. 

The new organ has now come to Hebron... a tracker made by the Taylor and Boody firm which is directly across the road from the church.  Click here to see the instrument and information about it.  The dedication was May 7, 2006, with Mark Brombaugh as the recitalist.  Check back for audio clips of the new instrument.  The instrument is tuned in the Lehman-Bach temperament.  Click here to go to Bradley Lehman's page on his research into Bach's tuning method.  Click here to go to a program that Bob played for the Augusta County Garden Club House Tour, part of an organ recital.  Bob also demonstrated the instrument to visitors from 10 am until 2 pm that day.

The "prepared for" Octave 8 in the Pedal was installed.  Only the installation of the pedal Posaune 16 remains to complete the instrument.

Hebron has hired Ben Heizer as Minister of Music, starting January 1, 2010.  Ben played the organ, directing the choirs, directing the handbells, and organizing a concert series. Ben left Hebron in June 2012, after completing his Master of Music degree at Shenandoah University.  He is now serving a church in South Carolina.


Sound clips for the Taylor and Boody, op 46, at Hebron Presbyterian Church.  These were from the organ dedication.  The organist is Mark Brombaugh.  As you listen, keep in mind that the organ has only 13 stops.

Hymn: Praise to the Lord the Almighty, The King of Creation.  The introduction is the chorale prelude by Johann Gottfried Walther (Bach's cousin), followed by verses 1 & 2 by the congregation.  The interlude is J. S. Bach's "Schubler" chorale on the tune, which is followed by verse 3 sung by the congregation.

Buxtehude: Praeludium in D
This shows many of the sounds of the organ.  Particularly notable is a passage about 2/3 of the way through where the 8' Principal is heard with the tremolo.

Mendelssohn: Sonata 1 in F Minor, movements 1, 2, and 4.  (Movement 3 requires a 3-manual organ.  This is a 2-manual organ. ) Remember... this organ has only 13 stops and has only one 16' pedal stop.  The choir manual can serve as part of the pedal, as the Trumpet 8 is strong in the bass and makes a great pedal reed.  It sounds like a much much larger organ.

Organ Clearing House: recycled pipe organs for your church can be less expensive than an electronic substitute.

The recital program in which I played several selections, helping in the rededication of the 1947 Moller organ in Second Presbyterian Church, Staunton

The world famous Taylor and Boody Organbuilders is located just 5 minutes from my home, and built an instrument for the church that I attend (Hebron Presbyterian) which is located just across the road from the organ factory.   This is the church to which I belong and for which the "chart" above was made. 

The Organ Historical Society homepage.  This is an excellent place to purchase organ CD's.

Organ prodigy Felix Hell has made the pipe organ increasingly popular with young people nationwide.

Here he is, at age 23, in 2007 on YouTube, playing Bach.  Click here.


The American Guild of Organists homepage.  Frederick Swann is a past president.  He retired as organist at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden City CA.and is now teaching at The University of Redlands in California.   Fred grew up in Staunton, my hometown, and studied with my organ teacher, Dr. Carl Broman.  His father was District Superintendent for the Methodist Church when he lived in Staunton in his teenaged years from 1941 through 1947. 

After all that talk about why Pipe Organs are better... I have to confess that I have my second electronic organ at home in the "good parlor." in our c.1837 farm house.  The first was an Allen C-1 from 1957 which had about 60 vacuum tubes in it, and really made the room hot.  I had it about 10 years, and several years ago bought a Rodgers 530 (c. 1998), which is a joy to play and practice on.  The sounds are all "sampled" from actual pipes, and the sounds that come out of the instrument are very authentic.  It has internal speakers, but I do have a Sony subwoofer sitting on the top of the organ.  It is behind the music rack and in between a bunch of hymnals in book racks.  (Since I play for so many denominations, I have a collection of all the hymn books for practice.)  If you would like to hear what it sounds like, I found a sound clip of a Bach piece (which was actually sequenced and then played through the midi in port on the organ) that was played in a way so as to demonstrate the various sounds of the organ. This comes from a web page from a member of the American Guild of Organists out in Indiana.  Click here to go to his page on the Rodgers 530.  There is a link at the bottom of that page with sound samples.

Interestingly, I find that congregations who have Rodgers Trillium organs (which is a couple of steps up from my 535) sing very very well.  The sound fills the space without being overbearing, and supports singing quite well.  They are reasonably priced, sound good, and are an excellent way to have good music for a few years.   A mechanical action pipe organ still will last a lot longer and will cost less per year over the long run.  The trend among the major "tracker" builders is away from the "Baroque"and toward the symphonic style.  The new Kimmell Center (Philadephia) organ by Dobson and the new Mormon Convention Center organ in Salt Lake (Schoenstein) are indicative of the trend.  Even Taylor and Boody has contracted for an organ with mechanical key action and electric stop and combination action... their first foray into this style of building. They are also contracted to build a major "English Cathedral" style organ for a large NYC church.


Regional fundraising programs for certain Virginia and West Virginia localities:

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Wolfgang Candy  ......A fundraising line we supply only in Augusta, Rockingham, Shenandoah, Page, Warren, Rappahannock, Culpeper, Orange, Greene, Albemarle, Nelson, Bath, Highland, Amherst, Campbell, Roanoke, Botetourt, Craig Counties in VA (including independent cities in these counties) and in Greenbrier, Pocahontas, Randolph, Grant, Hardy and Monroe Counties in West Virginia. If you are outside this area, please don't go here.  NEW!  We now offer Wolfgang Chocolate Bingo!  Call for details 1-800-326-9192!

World's Finest Chocolate.  We just took on this line in January 2008.  World's Finest is a family-owned company located in Chicago and is one of only nine companies in the US that manufactures chocolate directly from the bean. Included are the $1 bars in either a stock wrapper or with your oganization's name on the wrapper.  There are variety packs, packs of all one flavor, $2 sizes, an Easter Bunny, and a $5 boxed chocolate takeorder program.  We cover I-81 from Blacksburg VA to Martinsburg WV, and US 220 from Rocky Mount VA to Moorefield WV.  We also cover US 33 from Elkton VA to Elkins WV and US 55 from Front Royal VA to Petersburg WV.  Click here to see the World's Finest Chocolate corporate web site in another window.  Then email Bob to get started.


Custom Development Solutions.....  if you are looking for someone to develop a capital campaign through donations, here is a source.

Additional links to other fundraising opportunities may be found at: